Since the arrival of  COVID 19, it’s no secret that maintaining a properly trained and caring staff at senior care facilities has been difficult to say the least.  Sandyside Senior Living is committed to proper pay and treatment of all its staff members.  Sandyside’s full time staff members receive wages that are higher than the industry average, provided with a company sponsored 401K plan with employer match, paid time off, life insurance, long and short term disability, dental and vision insurance, and enjoy a flexible schedule.

Shyam Mahesh, MD

Dr. Mahesh is the new Medical Director at Sandyside Senior Living. He is a board-certified internal medicine physician. Dr, Mahesh has been on staff at Huron Valley Hospital in Commerce Township for the last several years. Recently, he opened his own office in Commerce Township. We at Sandyside felt that it was important to have one of our local physicians caring for our residents. This means if any one of our residents has to be sent to the hospital, they will see the same doctor they see at our facility.




Karen  joined our team in June 2020. She has been involved in senior care for over 15 years.  Karen has been a CNA for many years.  She most recently was working for a larger facility that was recently sold to a corporation.  It was a tough decision for her to leave the residents she loved and had worked with the last 12 years, but she longed to work for another family owned facility. She has brought a vast array of knowledge from her past experiences. Karen can be found working afternoons.

Danae is a CNA who joined our team in June 2018. She moved down from the Upper Pennisula to spend time with her boyfriend. You will see Danae 3 days a week on our day shift.

Susan joined our staff in November 2018. She has known our owner Mike for over 20 years and Mike persuaded her to join us at Sandyside.  Sue is the second member of our cooking staff and we are thrilled to have her on our team.

Meghan joined our staff in February 2019. She and her husband recently welcomed their first child, a son.  Meghan is a certified EMT and CNA. She works fulltime on days and occasionally afternoons.

Cathy joined our team in February of 2020. She has worked in senior care for many years. Cathy loves caring for our residents at Sandyside and drives from Birch Run everyday to do so.  

Danyelle joined our team in November 2021. She has over 10 years as a CNA. Danyelle worked at our facility for several years under the former ownership. We are pleased to welcome her back on a fulltime basis. 

Jessica joined the Sandyside staff in August of 2022. She has 6 years prior experience in senior care, including 5 years of being the administrator at a large local senior facility. She works fulltime days, with an occasional afternoon shift.

Roxanne “Roxi” has over 30 years of experience in senior care.  Roxi will be working fulltime on both our afternoon and midnight shifts.

Tabitha joined our staff in November of 2022. She was the long time manager of another adult foster care home in the area.  She has over 15 years of experience dealing with the demented population.  Tabitha will be assisting the Sandyside residents on the day shift.


Vicky is a CNA that started at Sandyside as a volunteer through Oakland schools. Vicky was hired in March of 2019, just after her 18th birthday. She works fulltime on our midnight shift.

Sierra graduated Lakeland High School in 2020. She joined our staff in December 2020. Sierra works fulltime on our midnight shift.

Kristal joined our staff in September 2022. She has 2 years of prior senior care experience. She will be working 4 midnight shifts a week.

Amber joined the Sandyside team in late November 2022.  She has a background dealing with residents that have traumatic brain injuries.  



Mary has been employed at our facility since 2012.  Mary is now semi-retired working Saturday and Sunday in the kitchen. Her full-time job is now caring for her grandchildren.

Mandy has been with Sandyside since the beginning in August of 2019. She has taken a little time off to add two children to her family. She, her husband and 4 children live in Gaines. Mandy drives over an hour to care for our residents.  

Debra  joined our staff late in 2019. She has been employed at the South Lyon School District as a para-pro tending to the needs of some of the districts special needs children. She has the perfect demeanor to add to the enrich the lives of our residents here at Sandyside.

Alexa joined our staff in December of 2020.   She worked for a larger local facility for about a year before joining us at Sandyside. She will be starting the RN program at Oakland Community College in January 2023.

Katie joined us early in 2021. Katie is the fourth of the young ladies that works with us that has aspirations to become an RN. She is currently enrolled in college and working afternoons with us on a part time basis.Connie joined our staff in March 2022. She has years of experience working at a large nursing facility, as well as in a hospital setting.  She recently decided she was tired of being retired. Connie will be working part-time on both our day and afternoon shifts.

Connie joined our staff in the spring of 2022.  She has many years of experience in patient care, working in both a large skilled nursing home and a hospital setting.  She recently decided to come out of retirement and join us at Sandyside.




Timothy Nye and Michael Piagentini have been friends for 25 years. They first met while they were both teenagers working at a local funeral home.

Both Mike and Tim are licensed funeral directors and had been looking at buying a funeral home for the last few years, when this opportunity crossed their paths.

They have always enjoyed aiding the elderly and buying this facility just seemed like a natural fit for both of them. Both Mike and Tim are very active in the day-to-day operations and both can be seen everyday at Sandyside Senior Living’s beautiful facility in White Lake, MI.


elderly care


We take the business of providing exceptional care very seriously. As such, we are always looking for the best talent in the industry. If you are looking for a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), or you are an experienced elderly caregiver, you might consider Sandyside Senior Living. Ideal team members must be passionate about providing exceptional care in a team-centric environment.


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