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Oakland County, Michigan hosts a great combination of natural beauty and entertaining activities. It can sometimes be hard to figure out activities that are enjoyable for all family members, especially your aging loved ones. Luckily, there are many senior-friendly activities in Oakland County, Michigan to choose from! Check out some of our favorites below.

Take a Trip Back in Time

For a lot of seniors, museums can be a great way to reflect on the past and share their own stories. Even if the museums you are attending don’t perfectly align with things your love has lived through, looking through exhibits can be a great way to bond as you learn together. 

A great museum option in Oakland County is the Henry Ford Museum. Here, you will find many different attractions, with one of the main appeals being a trip through American innovation. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in our country’s journey from the first vehicles and planes in America to where we are today. 

Another option is Greenfield Village, which sits on over 80 acres of land and represents 300 years of American development. You’ll be able to feel like you are stepping foot in the lab that the first lightbulb was made, or see what it may have been like to work on the first airplanes. There are many fun activities to take part in, like riding in a real Model T or enjoying many world-class artisans.

Enjoy the Show

Performing Arts are thriving in Oakland County, Michigan, and a great option for a family outing that your aging loved one can enjoy is going to a show. There are an abundance of amphitheaters in the county that host concerts and small shows. There are also many indoor theaters that offer musicals and plays. 

If the arts aren’t your loved one’s thing, then you can check out some of the many comedy clubs and movie theaters. Just enjoying some sort of show together is sure to be an enjoyable and bonding experience.

Enjoy the Finer Things in Life

If you want to really make your senior family member feel fancy, a trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts is an amazing experience. Here you will not only find some of the most beautiful pieces of art, but also an enriching and elegant atmosphere to enjoy together.

At the Detroit Institute of Arts, there are always an abundance of exhibits to check out, as well as over 100 galleries. It is known for being very well-rounded in its collections. Regardless, if your family member considers themselves artsy, an afternoon here is sure to be a memorable experience!

Get Some Fresh Air

If your loved one is able to be mobile, there are some gorgeous nature areas and parks to spend an afternoon in. Barton Nature Area is a great choice for a nature walk, fishing, and just enjoying the beautiful scenery.

There is also Belle Isle Park, which sits on the Detroit River. If you want a peaceful place for a picnic together, this is the place to be! Here, you can find beautiful water views and quiet surroundings.

Treat Yourselves


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It’s always fun to have a treat yourself day, no matter your age! There are some amazing malls and shopping areas in Oakland County, so why not make a day out of some retail therapy together? Whether you go to Somerset Mall or try and get a deal at Great Lakes Crossing Outlets, you are sure to have fun looking through the different stores and enjoying some of the nearby restaurants together.

No matter the age of your senior loved one, there are many ways to get out of the house and enjoy the day together. Yes, you may have to think through logistics, like if they will need a wheelchair for example, but many places are working to be as inclusive as possible. Getting out and trying something new is a great way to strengthen your bond together, and enjoy each other’s company.

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