When most people think of senior care, they may picture retirement or nursing homes. This type of leisure living environment is reserved for healthier and more able-bodied individuals. When it comes to caring for senior health issues, assisted living is usually the best option.

Assisted Living is a type of specialized care primarily for senior citizens. Assisted Living centers treat and care for elderly men and women with senior health issues ranging from general debility to memory disorders. If you or a loved one are currently dealing with one of the following conditions, then assisted living may be right for you:

Keep reading to discover how assisted living centers can help treat and care for elderly individuals with one of these senior conditions. 


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Assisted Living Centers are perfect for conditions just like dementia. This memory illness is very difficult to care for, and currently no known cure exists. Early detection is key, and proper diet, exercise, and routine have been proven to reduce symptoms and help patients live a better life. This is why trusting the specialists at an assisted living facility is so important.

Memory care centers are specialized assisted living centers that focus on memory illness like dementia/Alzheimer’s. The facilities are set up to monitor residents 24/7, as well as offer advanced care from trained professionals like nutritionists, senior therapists, and doctors. From safe spaces to prevent “wandering”, to brain-activating activities like art classes, gardening, and even video games, assisted living centers can improve the quality of life for seniors with even the most severe cases of dementia.   

Parkinson’s Disease

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Parkinson’s may have been brought into the public eye by celebrities like Michael J. Fox, but it is a much more complex disease than most understand. Symptoms range from tremors and balance issues, to non-motor deficiencies like memory loss and hallucinations. That is why it is recommended to seek additional care if symptoms of Parkinson’s progress past what is manageable at home.

It is not uncommon to find those diagnosed with Parkinson’s living at assisted living homes. The 24/7 expert care administered by elderly caregivers, doctors, nurses, and therapists assures that symptoms are monitored, maintained, and in some cases, treated. Vast improvements in everyday life can be achieved through proper exercise, diet, and daily medication. 

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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As far as senior health issues go, Multiple Sclerosis (also known as “MS”), is one of the fastest moving and most debilitating. Those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis may not experience symptoms for weeks, months, or even years. No two cases are the same, and the disease effects several important systems in the body stemming from damage to the central nervous system.

As a resident at an assisted living center, elderly individuals diagnosed with MS can expect to receive the finest care. This disease is not fatal, but can greatly impact the lifestyle of those affected resulting in numerous physical and mental conditions. From on-staff doctors to physical and psychological therapists, all the resources necessary to treat and cope with the symptoms of MS are available at an assisted living home.

The premium amenities offered at centers like Sandyside Senior Living in southeast Michigan aid in maintaining a happy lifestyle for seniors with MS. View these assisted living amenities online here: https://sandysideseniorliving.com/amenities/


Now that you know how assisted living can help, please contact your local assisted living center for info including amenities, rates, and treatment plans. If you or a loved one reside in the metro Detroit area, please contact Sandyside Senior Living to schedule a tour today! 



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