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In the hustle and bustle of modern life, we are often faced with unexpected issues that can divert our focus, which for those looking after elderly family members can cause major concerns over who will look after them. Equally, caring for elderly family members can be a full-time job, and people need a break away from providing that support.

When this occurs, hiring private sitters for elderly family members can help you enjoy some much needed time off while ensuring you have complete peace of mind that they are cared for. However, like all forms of elderly care, there is a wide range of pros and cons to hiring private sitters for elderly people, so we have taken a closer look.



What are private sitters for the elderly?


A private sitter is essentially a non-medical caregiver who is able to provide your loved ones with a range of support services when you are unable to. That means whether you have to leave your elderly family member while you go to work or on holiday, a private sitter can ensure your senior family members are looked after.

As they are non-medical, private sitters for elderly citizens typically provide support for areas such as companion care, running errands, supervising, helping with housework, and supporting them with maintaining hygiene.


Pros and cons of private sitters for elderly family members


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As with all forms of elderly care, there is a range of pros and cons when it comes to hiring private sitters for elderly family members.


Pro – allows for schedule flexibility


One of the biggest positives of hiring private sitters for elderly family members is that it gives you the chance to enjoy a flexible schedule. This is very important if you are experiencing a busy period within your career or if you are looking for some valuable time away with your own children or partner.


Con – private care is expensive


While that flexibility is highly attractive, private care can also be incredibly expensive. The cost of elderly care has always been expensive, and utilizing the support of private sitters can be out of the reach of certain families.


Pro – can help to reduce stress


Looking after your elderly loved ones can be very stressful and leaves many people feeling anxious and worried about their parents when they are not around. Hiring an experienced senior sitter will provide complete peace of mind that no matter where you might be, your loved ones are in the best possible hands.


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Con – not right for all seniors


Private sitters for elderly residents do not provide any medical care, only companion support, which means they are not always a viable solution. If your loved ones are suffering from conditions such as dementia or Parkinson’s, then a private sitter will not be able to give them the required care they need.


Pro – prevents admission to a Senior Care Facility


Keeping your elderly family members close by and in their own property is a priority for many of us, and a private sitter will help them to remain in their home while you are away. Without a sitter, they might have to be admitted to an Assisted Living Facility for a short period of time.


Con – finding the right private sitter can be tough


One of the biggest challenges with finding private sitters for elderly citizens is finding one that meets your requirements. You naturally want to ensure that your loved ones are being looked after by the most experienced and professional carers possible. Finding these individuals can be a time-consuming process, which can put some people off.


Are you looking for more support with your loved ones?


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At some stage, you might need more support for your loved ones than you can get from private sitters. Here at Sandyside Senior Living, our highly experienced and talented assisted living care team can help you give your loved ones the support and love that they need.

Our assisted living and adult foster care home communities are designed to provide seniors with the long-term care and assistance they need. They offer 24/7 care and services that are intended for those elderly residents who require some additional support with their everyday care but are not in need of a full Skilled Nursing Home facility.

If you want to find out more about our facilities and how Sandyside Senior Living can help your loved ones, get in touch!


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