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Families all across America have experienced the peace of mind and comfort an assisted living facility can provide. Seniors are able to be more social and active, as well as maximize their health with the help of a friendly, and trained staff. Having the right person in each role guarantees superb service and care.

Here are some positions commonly found in assisted living facilities:


The owner of an assisted living sets the tone for the company and brings the mission alive for the whole team. It is up to the owner to be the eyes and ears of the facility, making sure everything is running smoothly, and making sure the staff is well trained and qualified.

Passion for service is crucial as this person will often be on call 24/7 and need to devote most of their time to the facility. There are no specific qualifications for this position, but knowing how to run a business and the ability to access resources, such as some one who can consult on the medical care of the residents, is a must (


The physician has medical oversight over the residents and works with the staff to create a care plan to address the changing medical needs of the resident. Throughout the day, a physician will see and examine patients, helping diagnose illness and give advice for maintaining good health.


A nurse monitors the residents to ensure their health and help manage their care. They work closely with the physician and other staff to ensure superb care. They help administer medications and often with eating, bathing, dressing, and other daily activities.
The nurse communicates with the physician and the resident’s family to keep everyone informed. It usually takes 2-3 years of education to earn a nursing degree ( A nurse at an assisted living facility will usually work regular hours, but may be obligated to work night shifts during the hours of 8pm – 6am for facilities offering 24 hour care.


A certified nursing assistant gives basic care to residents and helps them with their daily activities, such as hygiene, eating, basic medical care, and more. CNAs usually develop close relationships with the residents as a result of helping them with their daily activities. It takes 4-12 weeks to complete a CNA training program ( and become qualified for the position.

Kitchen Staff

Food Prep

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A member of the kitchen staff will help prepare quality, healthy meals for the residents according to their dietary needs, keep the kitchen clean and well stocked, as well as maintain a clean and ambient dining area.
To be a member of the kitchen staff one must have a passion for preparing great meals and a strong work ethic. Many kitchen staff members are knowledgeable in nutrition and develop menus that deliver super foods that are both tasty and have healing properties.


This role is about managing the day to day operations of the facility. An administrative or clerical assistant will help manage the maintenance of the facility , manage utilities, ensure that compliance standards are met, and keep the facility up to date with all state and federal requirements. Someone in this role will also oversee employees and help the communication with residents, their families. and other team members.

To become an administrative assistant passing an examination that covers many topics related to resident care must be passed in order to receive a nursing home administrator license through a state licensing board. There may also be other state requirements that must be fulfilled such as education, age, a clean criminal history, etc.

Additional Services

There are many roles that help to make an assisted living residence feel like home to everyone. Having extra amenities available, including services and activities, creates opportunities for the residents to get to know each other and create a healthy and active social life. Here are some of the fun roles that can help achieve this goal:

Activities Coordinator

– Organizes social, cultural, and educational activities for the residents to enjoy.


– Keeping the residents looking sharp with regular hair care.

Fitness Instructor

– Helps keep the residents in top shape to optimize their health.

Live Entertainer

– Speakers, comedians, musicians, and more.


– Provides expert care to residents’ feet.

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All of these members of the team work together to create a high quality of care and living. Having caring and qualified people filling each role guarantees the excellent experience of everyone involved. These roles make great careers that are satisfying and meaningful. At Sandyside, each team member is chosen with care, with the residents’ needs in mind. Visit the about page to learn more about Sandyside and how you can apply to be part of the team.

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